Nov 30, 2011


Happy I wore my heavier duty boots today, cause mother nature decided to unleash some freakin snow! Winter is here, sad life :(

(Cardigan- Forever 21, Striped Button Up- Value Village $5, Leggings- Moms, Striped Socks- American Apparel, Boots- Value Village $15)

Nov 24, 2011

Baring The Cold

("Kimono" Top- Vintage (Mom's), High waisted shorts- Vintage, Stockings/Pantyhose- American Apparel, Boots- Value Village $15)
It's been ages since I've worn these pantyhose! Finally pulled them out of my drawer and I'm really liking them :)

Nov 22, 2011


A pretty simple outfit today, stuck with the neutral tones. Yesterday there was a 50% off sale at Value Village :O . This olive green shirt and scarf are a couple of the things I bought for really cheap.

(Scarf- Value Village $1.50, Shirt- $8 [plus 50% off], Navy blue jean- Hollister, Jacket- Value Village $12, Purse- Value Village $7)   

Nov 19, 2011

Nude :o

(Nude Legging- American Apparel [Warehouse Sale] $14, Black boots w/ fur lining- Value Village $15, Floral Print Shirt- Value Village $5, Black leather vest [under leather coat]- Value Village $10 [DIY], Technicolour Bag- Value Village $8, Leather Jacket- Urban Behaviour) 

Went shoppin' the other day and this is what I wore. A few people told me that I looked naked wearing dem leggings... oh well! ;) Also got these black boots recently, I really like them and I'm planning on wearing them a lot in the winter. 

Nov 18, 2011

Asian Invasion ^ ^

Haha, for a photography project, my friend did a KPOP inspired band! Don't I look cute in pigtails [lol]?
azn pride ^_^ 

(White shoes- Ardene $10, White/Green striped socks- American Apparel, Skirt- Value Village $5, Jean Vest- Stitches [DIY] $5)