Jan 19, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside

(Boots- Shoe Club, Socks- Ardene, Dress [actually is sleeveless and is underneath my long sleeved shirt]- H&M)

Jan 10, 2013

She wore Blue Velvet

(Pleather Leggings- Ardene, Velvet Blouse- Value Village, Shirt- Moms)
I love this gold necklace that I borrowed from my mom, but I still need to get a chunky gold chain :(

Jan 8, 2013

New Year, new me?



I haven't posted in a while, but I randomly thought I would just for kicks. I still have other ootd pictures from a while ago that I have yet to upload. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays :) I dyed my hair black and cut it a tad shorted :P